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Facebook - Twitter Secured

The first and only security software for the most used Facebook - Twttier social networking users providing you with security from threats such as hackers, identity theft, spyware, malware, bots, virus and much more.


Intelligent Proactive Defense

Runs the proactive scan for virus at full throttle when the users is not using the system or when the system is left idle and automatically balances the speed, load and resources used when user is using the system to provide at all time performance to the user and the task carried out by the user at any given time without compromising the performance on the surface while providing the protection from the background of the system .




Compatible with LEGACY SYSTEM

Most Antivirus today is made for the new system and requires a current/ today specification on hardware leaving the old un-upgraded systems lost and unprotected which is why we made Celframe Antivirus to run from legacy Windows XP to current Windows 7




Community Protection

Everyone is protected the very moment a single user detects a virus anywhere in the world, so if each of a million user detects only 1 virus everyone/ every system is instantly protected by a million virus, Now If that’s not protection, what is? This is extremely useful for social site users as a precaution step to prevent viruses via social sites.




Intelligent Cloud System Protection

When a very new virus is detected or found suspicious, Celframe Antivirus sends some information of the suspicious file/ virus to the server immediately which an automatic administrative bot does a check on the file and if the file is found guilty to charges as virus, it will be disinfected or quarantined if too critical.




Smallest in Size

Our Antivirus is so small it would use no more than only a fraction of space even if loaded on your smallest thumb drive/ USB drive. We have made the Antivirus to have files only that you need and what you don’t we leave it on our server for your antivirus to work interactively and updated which is how we are saving you more space.





DUAL ENGINE Scanning Technology

All Antivirus has only one scanning engine so imagine two. Celframe Antivirus with Dual Engine Technology Scans deeper and faster to provide you a higher, concrete protection.




Minimal Resource, Faster System

Celframe Antivirus uses minimal resources to break the chain of the current Antivirus cliché of “ Antivirus slows your pc” well its finally no longer will with Celframe Antivirus, which we have breakthrough by keeping it Small in Size, Intelligent Cloud System Protection and Intelligent Proactive Defense.




Intuitive, Transparent and Practical Design

Feedback by users calls our design Cool, Well thought and Simple . Celframe Antivirus design and function was made based on re-search carried out to identify what users require and how they use their Antivirus and we have made our Antivirus based on what you want which is something that you would just have to install and ignore and no more than a protection status you would want to know everyday. Your are a busy person and you have trust us for your protection so go do what you want to while we’ll do what we are made to and yes we are glad too that it doesn’t require a geek to understand an Antivirus anymore.




Standalone or Companion Support

Celframe Antivirus can work as Standalone or run side-by-side as a Companion Antivirus if you already own and running an Antivirus. Celframe Antivirus delivers you Choice and doubles your Protection.

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