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E2 Holdings to Distribute Celframe Products in North America
Posted by Shirley Helen on 17 October 2013 03:52 AM

Celframe Corporation has signed an agreement that allows E2 Holdings LLC to distribute Celframe Products & Services in North America.

By Riza Khan

E2 Holdings - Edward Ellis

Celframe Corporation has signed a distribution agreement with E2 Holdings LLc. The deal allows the IT services and logistics solutions provider to distribute Celframe's Products and solutions for to authorized resellers and distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

E2 Holdings LLc a new business unit founded by Edward Ellis (Pleasure Ellis) a renowned singer & enterpreneur, will distribute Celframe most current product range including Celframe Officeworld’s No 3 office suite, Celframe Security Products, Celframe CRM, Celframe Transcarta, Celframe Business Solutions, Celframe Ookey and other services that Celframe offers

"We recognize the importance of Celframe Products and the IT solutions ecosystems," said Edward Ellis, CEO & Founder, E2 Holdings LLC, North America. "We felt it was important to put a focus on bringing world class products to the North American market, and Celframe is part of that".

Among all products Celframe Office an award winning multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes key desktop applications such as Write, Spreadsheet, Data Access, Studio, Power Presentation, Photo album, Draw, Mail, Sync, PDF Maker, Inbuilt Backup, XML Maker and Note Maker. Sophisticated and flexible, Celframe Office also works transparently with a variety of file formats including those of Microsoft Office. It looks and feels familiar and is instantly usable by anyone. Celframe Office reads all major industry standard file formats.

Arun Pudur, President of Celframe Corporation mentioned “As we plan towards eventual global distribution ship North America is a vital piece. Office suite market in US alone is worth in excess of $35 Billion annually and is expected to grow to $100 Billion by 2018 as per our research and Celframe will be placed perfectly to cash in and we expect $2 Billion business in next 18 Months to be added to our bottom-line”

“Our affordable software solutions will be most welcomed by North American Customers who are keen to save money from present expensive software ranges” added Arun Pudur, President of Celframe Corporation.

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Celframe News
Posted by Peyton Ferdinand on 01 September 2011 12:49 PM
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